Welcome to the office of Dr. Maryam Pearose, a pediatric dentist in Foothill Ranch where we specialize in treating infants, children and teens. As a specialist in children’s oral health, we focus first on preventing dental disease in your child. If your child has an existing dental condition, we offer personalized treatment to limit the extent and return the focus on prevention. If your child has an existing medical condition, we keep our knowledge current to provide the best care. We pride ourselves on protecting children’s overall health, and creating a relaxed and dental-friendly experience.


Our goal is to help make your child’s dental care as comfortable and enjoyable as possible as we maintain and restore dental health. It is important that each child receives personalized attention based on his/her individual and unique needs. We want to establish a feeling of trust with our young patients and lessen their fear associated with dentistry so we can provide a higher level of care. Every aspect of our pediatric office, from our special office design, to our communication style and specially trained staff, has been carefully implemented to ensure a pleasant and personalized experience for your child and family.

Dr. Pearose is not only a personalized pediatric dental specialist; she is a mother who understands your concerns as a parent and your desire for your children to maintain the integrity of their natural teeth to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

We are confident that you and your children will feel right at home in our caring, comfortable, and friendly office. Come visit us and make it your child’s ‘Dental Home’.
All Aboard For a Healthy Smile!

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